What is a Zip Jar?

After a couple years of taking Zip! Trips, we had so many great destinations to explore that it was getting harder and harder to decide where to go next.

Then the idea hit – take the old “job jar” concept but fill the jar with places we wanted to see, and the Zip Jar was born!

Car sceneNow, weekends start with a quick breakfast, grab the cameras, binoculars, and snacks, and get in the car… then – and only then – do we discover where we’re going!

Want to learn more? Watch the sweet little video we made last winter to see how to do it!

Have you gone on a Zip! Trip yet?

When you go, we’d love to see your pictures! Please share them with our Zip Jar group on Facebook or tag them with #zipjar on Instagram.

Have fun!



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