Boke Bowl

Dumpling Week has arrived!

After hearing people rave about dumpling week, I wanted in, so when Facebook suggested I might be interested I agreed.


We kind of stumbled upon Boke Bowl by accident. I mean, I knew they were one of the restaurants offering dumplings, and in the back of my mind I remembered they were near the Portland Night Market, which was our destination for the evening.

My grumpy knees had zero interest in standing in line for an hour just to get into Night Market, which to me is an unknown. A crapshoot. Was it worth standing in line for so long? Another couple, seeing the long line, actually asked each other the same thing.

“Hey, did you want to go get some dumplings?” I asked. Dumplings are a better alternative to standing in line any day.

Unless I’m standing in line for the dumplings, and if that’s the case they’d better be good.

Luckily, there was no line at Boke Bowl, and we ordered siu mai, a spicy pork dumpling, and fried chicken steamed buns.

Oh heaven. Dave’s face lit up as he dug in.

These were definitely worth standing in line for.

I apologize for this picture of the siu mai; we gobbled  up most of them before I could get a picture. Ditto for the spicy pork. The picture above is the fried chicken steamed buns.


“How many ‘New Favorite Restaurants’ are we allowed to have?” I asked. “Is there a limit?”

“No,” he replied, “We can have as many as we want.”

Boke Bowl is going on the list.

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