Alberta Arts District

Last night we planned on heading out to see a movie. But then I took too long to get ready and my daughter R hit a skunk with the car, so the movie was postponed.
As our friend Mario always says, “Life gets in the way of life.”
So the two of us decided to have a casual date night, wandering around the Alberta Arts District. D hadn’t been there before, and I don’t get there nearly often enough, so we went.
This mermaid’s tail is made from old CDs glued to the wall.
We walked up 12 blocks and back 12 blocks and took lots and lots and lots of pictures. We didn’t stop in at any bars for a drink or a snack, just kept to the sidewalk. It was relaxing and lots of fun just hanging out. And taking pictures.


At one point, D asked me, “Why do you even bother putting your phone back in your pocket?”
Good point.
In the end, we decided to return during daylight hours sometime, with the big camera. And maybe we’ll stop somewhere for lunch.
by P

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