A Quick Guide to Silver Falls

What are you doing this weekend?

Besides Easter, which is on Sunday, this could be a great time to take a little drive and commune with nature. Or take your out of town visitors to see something breathtaking.

Here are nine pictures that might inspire you to grab a rain jacket, a bottle of water, and some snacks, and hit the road to Silver Falls State Park.

If you have never been there, please please, you must go. It’s spectaularly gorgeous this time of year.

The drive up to the falls is breathtaking.



You can use the annual State Park pass for parking, if you have one, otherwise parking is just $5. Once parked and situated (yes, they do have flush toilets and running water,) stroll down the path to the top of South Falls.


Don’t panic. Even though you can actually get this close to the top of the falls, there is a stone wall preventing you from going over the edge. (I leaned my arm over the wall to get this shot.)

Do you see that bridge way wayyyy down there in the lower right? That’s part of the “Trail of Ten Falls,” and is connected to the loop that takes you behind the waterfall. The teeny tiny people on the trail near the bridge give you an idea of scale. This popular waterfall has a 177-ft drop.

How long or high is 177ft? It’s about as high as a 17-story building, and the same height as the Leaning Tower of Piza.


If you stay on this trail, you’ll follow the edge of the basalt canyon to the space behind the falls. There are sturdy guard rails the whole way to help you navigate the wet and puddly trail.


Watch your head!


If you’re up for a hike, there are 35 miles of backcountry trails, including routes that visit each of the ten waterfalls.



For more details on the park and directions to get there, please visit OregonStateParks.org

When you’re done for the day, head to Silverton and grab a bite before hitting the road back home. We like:

201 N Water St
$$ – burgers and pub food

Mill Town Pub
1405 Mill Street
$ – burgers, salads, and sandwiches

Homeplace Restaurant
1080 N First Street
$ – pizza, breakfast, American classics

The Silver Grille
206 E Main St
$$$ – Locally sourced ingredients, Willamette Valley fare
(I’ve been here several times and it’s one of my all-time favorite restaurants.)

When you go, we’d love to see your pictures! Please share them with our Zip Jar group on Facebook or tag them with #zipjar on Instagram.

Here is an easy image to pin on Pinterest so you can find it when you’re ready to visit the falls:

Quick guide to Silver Falls.jpg

Have fun!

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