Our first ever “Zip! Trip”

Lincoln City 2017-07-04
One morning, D turned to me over morning coffee and instructed me to pack for an overnight trip.
Today. Now.
“An overnight trip? Really? Cool!” I exclaimed. “Where are we go-“
He pantomimed zipping his mouth shut and said, “ZIP!” to let me know it’s a secret.
“But I need to know what to pac-“
“Do I need a coat?”
“Which shoes will I need?”
“…okayyy, umm…”
“I didn’t say anything!”
“You were trying to think of something to ask. Just pack. You’ll be fine.”
And so, D loaded our stuff into the car and drove us away to our secret destination:
Our first ever “Zip! Trip.”
Since then, we have secretly planned getaways like this for each other, for either a simple day trip or weekend getaway. Some are inexpensive, impromptu outings, while others take a little more planning and a bit of saving.
The trips are a treat by themselves, but the Zip factor makes them extra fun – having the other person plan in secret, and surprise us with a weekend of neat things to do.
Our gifts of love to each other are amazing experiences instead of material things. No clutter to manage, just fantabulous memories of quality time spent together on our beautiful earth.
It’s good stuff. Really, really good stuff.
Who doesn’t love being surprised with good stuff?

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