Travel Tuesday – April 10th, 2018

Hey – what did you do last weekend? Did you go someplace fun?

Here are some photos of what five other folks did. Perhaps these places will inspire you to get out and explore them, or other amazing places, next weekend.

Ally Laws went to Smith Rock State Park

Ally Laws went to Smith Rock State Park in central Oregon. This park is ground zero for the sport of rock climbing.

Smith Rock State Park is located just outside of Terrebonne, OR and can be tricky to find if you’re only following road signs. If you plug this into your navigation, however, you’ll be guided there with no (or fewer) wrong turns:

44°21’58.01″N, 121° 8’13.32″W or 44.367612, -121.138988


Dane spent the weekend on the coast in Newport. Ths is his shot of the marina between the Old Bayfront and The Embarcadero.

Ernesto visiting from Venezuela - Crown Point1

Ernesto visited Oregon from Venezuela and made a stop at Crown Point. I love his picture.

James Hills - Birdwatching

James Hills went on a hike in the Portland area and spotted these two Barred Owls up in a tree. I find the description of their call quite amusing, as they are said to sound like they’re asking,
“Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?”

Barred Owls are common in Portland’s West Hills, including in Hoyt Arboretum, Forest Park, and other wild forested areas in this part of the city.

Laurie - Columbia Gorge1

Laurie, who is visiting from England, decided to explore the Columbia River Gorge, west of Hood River. There are so many scenic and interesting places in the Gorge to visit (and so many waterfalls!) that she was only able to check off a few places off her bucket list on this vacation, so she’s just going to have to come back.
Gee, darn. [wink!]

Hopefully this will give you ideas for next weekend, or at least some new things to put in your own zip jar.

When you check out any of these places for youself, please share them with us! There are several ways you can share your photos – pick the one that’s easiest:

  1. Let us know in the comments below,
  2. Share it with our Facebook group, or tag @thezipjar on Facebook
  3. Tag us on Instagram,
  4. Use the hashtag #putthisinyourzipjar on Instagram or Facebook

If it’s ok with you, we’d love to share them with everyone here. (And we will ALWAYS ask your permission, first. We promise.)


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