Mystery Zip! aka The Zip Jar

Last night, we decided to take a day trip. We’d get up early in the morning, throw the cameras and a few supplies in the car, and head out. To where? We weren’t sure yet.
We had decided to start a new kind of Zip! trip, one where neither of us knew or destination until we were about to head out the door.

Earlier this week, we cut out a dozen small pieces of paper. On each one, we wrote the name of an interesting destination for a day trip. Each piece of paper was then folded up and dropped into a mason jar.

These are our Zip Jars.

Ideas vary from taking a tour of the Tillamook cheese factory, crabbing in Newport, driving out to Mt St Helens, or hiking in to a hot springs location in the Cascades.

This morning we discovered that we were going to explore The Gorge. (I love The Gorge.)

We grabbed a travel book of the area and hopped in the car. The idea was to head east on I-84 to visit the Bonneville Fish Hatchery where we would feed the fish and say hello to Herman the Surgeon. We decided to have lunch at 6th Street Bistro in Hood River, then cross over the Columbia River into Washington, and maybe hike Beacon Rock.

We’re just going to see where the day takes us.



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