185-mile Root Beer Floats

Last summer the endless hot weather was getting to us. Our southwest facing apartment doesn’t have A/C, and we were miserable.

“Hey,” I asked, “Do you want to go for a drive in the air conditioned car, and go get some ice cream? Or maybe root beer floats?” I asked.

I had a place in mind…

…only 185 miles away.

That should be enough time in the A/C to cool off.

We hit the road and drove up to XXX Root Beer in Issaquah, WA.


Their root beer floats are MASSIVE, and messy.

We were planning on getting dinner at Thirteen Coins in Seatac on the way home, but these floats and rings were filling.



I love the sign in their bathroom. It’s a disgusting reminder to those gross people who don’t wash their hands. (I like to think it works, because if anyone reads this and doesn’t wash their hands, I don’t wanna know about it.)


I’m a map geek and love funny place names. Here’s a good one, not too far from XXX Root Beer. (Had I known about this place when we were there, we would have made a side trip to get a picture of ourselves in front of the sign.)

Poo Poo Point

Yes, that’s Poo Poo Point.
(Adding that to our list of places to visit on our next trip up to that part of Seattle.)

We stopped at Thirteen Coins and decided to split an entree.

I love this restaurant – my favorite seat is at the counter, in big barrel-like chairs, watching the line crew banter and rapidly work around each other in the tight space as they cook.


We made it home by 10pm, full tummies, happy, and thoroughly cooled off.
Awesome day.


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